Vernel Diliuti 1.5 liters


Vernel Lavender is the softening of Vernel that combines a sensational softness to a fresh and natural, inspired by the unmistakable notes of the fields of Provence, to evoke the colors and fragrances timeless.

Vernel Lavender: the fresh scent of tradition for the leaders of the whole family. 

Blue Oxygen

Blue Oxygen is Vernel fabric softener Vernel blue that makes the heads wonderfully soft. Moreover, thanks to its fresh and invigorating, Vernel Blue Oxygen gives the feeling of a breath of fresh air that awakens the senses.

Vernel Blue Oxygen: a soft breath of freshness for you and your leaders. 

Feeling Rosa

Discover the softness and the delicate fragrance of the new Vernel Feeling Rosa. The rose petals, unique ingredient in the category, give your laundry a sensory soft and delicately scented. Its scent, with notes soft, but durable, well suited to the laundry for the whole family.

Vernel Feeling Rosa, a fresh and delicate fragrance for you and your leaders.

Carezza Delicata

Vernel fabric softener Vernel Caress Gentle is giving a sensational softness at the ends for a soft gentle on the skin. Its special hypoallergenic formula has been developed for sensitive skin, like that of children.

Vernel Caress Gentle, a soft caress on the skin.

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